Unabhängiger gemeinnütziger Verein gegen den Bau jeglicher neuer Hochleistungsstraßen im Nordosten Österreichs, insbesondere der S1 'Lobauautobahn'

Dear Guest in Vienna,


We, the Environmental Initiative Rettet-die-Lobau (Save-the-Lobau) want to inform you about our concern:

The state of Austria plans to build a motorway across the nature reserve Lobau Danube National Park.
  • A motorway is planned to cross the Danube south-east of the city of Vienna in two parallel tunnels.
  • Two motorway tunnels are planned to go below at Schwechat the area southeast of Vienna go throught the national park at is widest part and reach the surface in a residence area in the north-east of Vienna.  
Consequences of the planned motorway:
  • The Lobau region is part of the Danube National Park between Vienna and the Slowakian border. This internationally protected nature reserve is threatened by this motorway construction, by noise and exhaust gases from the traffic expected.
  • After completion, noise and toxic pollutants from the traffic in the 8,5 kilometre long tunnels would be ventilated with exhaust chimneys each 10 metres high.
  • Thousands of families living along the planned motorway would expect hazards through traffic noise and toxic traffic exhaust.
  • Additionally there is a big drinkingwater supply below the Lobau witch would be treathend by the tunneling works and by the waste waters of the motorway full of salt and toxic substances.

Actual situation of traffic planning in the region north and north east of Vienna
The main motorways in Vienna crossing the river Danube are blocked with traffic regularly. A series of studies on regional planning about the development of traffic in the region North and East of Vienna confirm that about 90 % of the expected raise of traffic will be commuters to Vienna.
While there are several new motorway routes in the state of planning or construction there is a huge deficit in public transport, as well in suburban and regional trains as in buses and trams in the outer parts of the city of Vienna.
Additionally the train connections to the Czech and Slowak republic are not in a modern status. Parts of the tracks are not electrified, at several rail tracks only a few hundred metres of rail connection to cross the borders are still missing as if the Iron Curtain never had been removed.
e.g. The route from Vienna via Marchegg to Bratislava is still single track without electrification, the second track had been removed when these countries became Eastern bloc states.The construction works on this route is ongoing but much to slow.
Therefore we demand:
  • Cancel all the motorway projects in the north and north-east of Austria, esp. the Lobau motor way
  • Improve public transport by building capacity, intensifying frequence and optimising routes of public transport to support commuters and by constructing or renewing the railways.
Dear Guest,
We ask you to support our concern and to inform your friends and colleagues about it.
Contact and Information:
Rettet die Lobau - Natur statt Beton
Phone: +436769539779
www.lobau.org (Homepage in German language)





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